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Tikabu provides software and premium consulting services in DevSecOps. Focusing on clients with a predominantly Microsoft technology stack, we help our customers become more agile at delivering solutions to their customers.

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We provide the automation and tooling solutions that enable you to focus on your customers.

We’ve also developed Glue, a tool that ‘glues’ your existing management software together to ensure that you are making the most of your technology. Glue gives you better visibility into your cyber posture, provides your teams with a single source of truth for reporting and decision-making, and serves as your platform for automation.

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The Tikabu team has more than 30 years of combined experience in enterprise technology, working across infrastructure, application development, and security. This experience has given us a unique perspective not only on the problems that companies face in the lightning-fast realm of today’s technology, but also on the solutions that will enable businesses to capitalise on available technologies.

With our skills, our extensive tech network, and on-hand resources, we specialise in helping organisations embark on the DevSecOps journey and achieve practical and measurable goals that add value to your business. We work directly with your staff to understand your business needs and IT challenges. Then, we start with the fundamentals of code management, automated testing, and, most important, kaizen – a philosophy of continuous improvement of the practices and people across your business. All the while, we ensure that security remains at the forefront of everything we do.

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We transform business.


DevSecOps is a journey that can add immense value to a business. The practices and cultural changes allow for the fast, incremental delivery of high quality, secure software to your customers. We have seen the benefits and can guide you on your journey.


The tools to automate repetitive tasks have never been more accessible. We can work with your teams and show you how to automate. Automation ensures tasks are performed consistently and improves quality. Our tool of choice is PowerShell.


With 30 years of experience across infrastructure and development working for some of Australia’s largest financial organisations, we can provide real value to your business. We are problem solvers that can get the job done.


Glue consolidates data from your existing management tools to give you operational awareness.

Having a single view of your operational data allows you to identify gaps in your cyber posture.

It gives your teams a source of truth for reporting and decision making and provides a platform to use for automation.

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