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Tikabu is a software company specialising in cyber security and cyber hygiene.

Security is at the forefront of everything we do. We help customers identify, manage, and ultimately mitigate their cyber-security risk. We implement cyber-hygiene solutions to keep your systems well-protected, your teams and processes working cohesively, and your business operations on track.


Cyber security and cyber hygiene are more important and more challenging than ever before

In today’s tech-driven world, cyber threats are ubiquitous, and unfortunately, most organisations don’t have adequate protection in place for their networks. These days, the world is disruptive enough – you don’t need your business operations and the services you provide your customers disrupted, too.

Enter Glue. Glue is our proprietary cyber-hygiene software tool that empowers you to optimise your security posture. With Glue, we can consolidate data from your IT and security-management tools to identify gaps in your coverage and the effectiveness of your security controls. It provides teams with a single source of truth for reporting corporate security requirements. What’s more, it keeps both internal and external service providers honest and accountable.

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So, just what can Glue do? The tool:

  • displays the status of your devices against various source systems, such as endpoint protection, vulnerability management, and patching, to identify security gaps and help focus your remediation efforts
  • tracks remediations and trends over time to help you reach maximum compliance
  • provides customisable dashboards and reports that can surface and summarise data from other security systems your organisation uses
  • gives you operational awareness of the devices in your environment and helps track device ownership and active/inactive devices
  • maintains an up-to-date, accurate repository of information sourced from your existing management tools; within your organisation, all of your teams can use it as a self-service portal
  • features RESTful APIs in and out as well as a rich PowerShell module that provide a basis for automation within your environment
  • deploys easily on-premise or using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution

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In addition to our software tool, Glue, we provide consulting services in cyber hygiene, security governance and projects, digital transformation, Microsoft Azure, infrastructure as code, continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD), and application development.


The tools to automate repetitive tasks have never been more accessible. Automation ensures that tasks are performed consistently, improves quality, and saves both time and labour. Using Microsoft PowerShell, we’ll work with your teams to help streamline your processes.


DevSecOps is a journey that can add immense value to your business. The associated practices and cultural changes allow for the fast, incremental delivery of high-quality, secure software to your customers. We understand the benefits firsthand and can guide you on your journey.

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Tikabu is proud to be an official Microsoft Partner.

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