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November 14, 2017 / by Adam / In misc

Introducing Tikabu

We are very excited to launch Tikabu. After many years of deliberating about starting my own company, I decided that it is now or never. Technology has never moved so quickly and it is only getting faster. Companies across all industries are being impacted and considering how to implement their digital transformation to deliver new products and reduce costs.

We have created a tool called Glue that allows companies to better manage their IT infrastructure. The tool consolidates information from existing management tools to provide a single view. This makes it easy to identify gaps in security and make decisions based on accurate, up to date information. It moves teams away from using spreadsheets and puts them in a position to start automating the mundane tasks. People can then spend time on the things that will add value to the business.

Glue is very quick to implement and can be adding value immediately. It has a friendly web interface built on Patteryfly and a rich restful API for automation documented with Swagger.

We also provide consulting services in DevSecOps as we believe this can be a true enabler to delivering better results for your customers.